Our Story

It was the summer of 2011 when as teenagers, 16 and 17, we were introduced by mutual friends. As millennials it is no surprise that our first conversation happened on Facebook and there was an almost instant connection. Still high schoolers, we would spend hours on Skype and text non-stop from morning till night until we finally decided to meet at church one sabbath. Sitting next to each other for the first time, there was an even greater connection. Those teenage flurries of infatuation sparked what has become our amazing love story.

After a year of building a young but growing friendship we started dating officially in June 2012. It was also the end of high school for Erin and we marked our first major event together, prom! A year on the same campus at the College of The Bahamas gave us time to build our friendship even more. Teenagers in love, we knew very early on that we wanted to be married, but we were both still so young and dreaded the number of years we had to wait. But time passed, maybe not fast enough, but our relationship grew stronger and stronger and uninterrupted, even surviving a year of separation in two different countries.

During our years spent at Andrews University, we pursued our individual goals, both graduating in 2019 with Master’s degrees in Architectural Design (Harrison) and Speech Pathology (Erin). We would often talk about our plans for the future together, promising that we would each continue to work on ourselves spiritually, emotionally and mentally to prepare for that important moment. 

After much anticipation and planning, on a gorgeous March 14, 2020, framed by the beautiful cherry blossoms at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC, Harrison proposed to his girlfriend of 8 years and she said yes! Choosing to marry each other has been one of the easiest decisions we have ever made. During the course of our relationship, we have developed an unbreakable bond of friendship, made tremendous growth as individuals, and grown deeper love with God and each other and now we are more sure than ever about wanting to spend the rest of our lives together.

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